hello, gorgeous!

When was the last time you did something really SPECIAL... for yourself?

I’m on a mission to empower women who have been busy empowering others for most of their lives. One mother, sister, daughter, friend... one woman at a time.

Honestly, there are few things as satisfying to me as watching my clients relax into -- and enjoy!! -- the experience of one of these photo sessions. AND, that extra spring of confidence in their step as a result of the day... THAT is pure magic.

I passionately believe that beauty grows deeper with wisdom and life experience -- despite what media and pop culture may have us believe. And I want to show you the incredible beauty and radiance I see in you by taking the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself.

You see, I’m part of a growing movement of photographers with a simple but powerful message to women: You need to EXIST IN PHOTOS. Not just for you: for your family.

Bring a friend (sister, daughter, mother, partner, etc.) and let’s capture your shared story of friendship: laughter, tears, experience -- sisterhood! Trust me, after your initial butterflies fade (they’ll wear off more quickly than you think), this luxurious session will be an experience you will cherish forever, and the photographs will become an heirloom part of your story.

I want you to do this for YOU.
Are you excited yet? A little nervous?

Good. Let’s do this!


 makeup by  Sara Duffey

makeup by Sara Duffey

session | the investment



  • pre-session consultation to design & style your photo session
  • relaxing professional makeup & hair
  • luxurious photo session experience with multiple wardrobe changes -- in studio or on location { plan on 3+ hours for makeup and photo session }
  • in person photo reveal + ordering session { approx 3 weeks after your photo session }
  • print credit of $100 towards your final portrait order

PRINTS + PRODUCTS : I want you to purchase only what you LOVE, and as such, there is no minimum print order. As a point of reference, most clients invest between $1200 and $2600 on their portraits. Portrait order takes place at your photo reveal (should you need more time to decide, a private online proofing gallery may be hosted for 5 days with a deposit of $200, which will be applied toward your portrait order).

Your non-refundable session fee is required to book your session and makeup artist.


what to expect | let me start with a little secret...

......... if you usually AVOID the camera and/or if you think you’re not photogenic, you are not alone! In fact the majority of my clients arrive nervous and communicate a perception that they aren’t good in front of the camera. Well, I’m here to change that perception for you! I want to show you the best photographs you've ever seen of yourself!

My job will be to guide and direct you throughout your photo session and -- trust me -- you will enjoy this experience! I have learned how to pose women of all shapes and sizes, and I sculpt with luscious and flattering natural light. It will be my absolute joy to bring out YOUR best and capture beautiful photographs for you and your family to treasure forever.

DEPOSIT + BOOK : Your non-refundable session fee guarantees your session booking, time and location. If we need to reschedule due to sickness or weather, your deposit is transferable.

CONSULTATION : After you have booked, we will discuss your desired location and styling for the session. I have a natural light studio available, but I also love photographing on location. I will then send you a list of things to bring to your session and tips to prepare.

SESSION DAY : Be sure to leave extra time to arrive (you’ll look more relaxed in photos if you’re not stressed out from traffic!) First thing we'll do is spend a few minutes discussing your wardrobe choices; you’ll have a consultation with your makeup artist, and then your job will be to relax and enjoy your makeover while I style the session around the clothing you have brought. Let yourself be pampered with an awesome stylist, and then get ready to have some fun!

IN PERSON PHOTO REVEAL! : Approximately 3-4 weeks after your session we'll meet to see your PHOTOS!! Yes, I will show you finished portraits, PRINTED and MATTED, and if I've done my job well, you will want them all!

READY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN? Sessions book up to a month in advance (longer in summer and fall) so if you're considering a session, contact me for a consultation NOW!

I'd absolutely love to work with you!



IMPORTANT NOTE : Remember to book a night out after your session as you will look -- and feel -- AMAZING.

boutique products : luxurious | heirloom | beloved

These handcrafted, artisan folio boxes are the ultimate heirloom for your family!


gallery | before + after photos

I want to show you the most BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS you have ever seen of yourself! These sessions are designed to give the full model experience for EVERY woman; let's bring out your inner goddess so you can rock her every day with confidence!

I believe that every woman, regardless of her age, can -- and SHOULD -- feel like a goddess. Like a super model. Like the empowered beauty that she is. This can start with a luxurious makeover to set your mood and make you feel gorgeous... then add great light... expert posing... a fun photographer... and voila!

Every woman should have this experience. Not just even for herself, but for the photographs of her which will last, for her FAMILY.


Special thanks to the amazing Makeup Artists:  Sarah Duffey Artistry and Beauty By Ashleigh.

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