It’s more important to click with PEOPLE, than to click the shutter.
— Alfred Eisenstadt

hello, gorgeous!

I'm so happy you've found me! Turns out, I was born to work with people in this way; to design space* for my clients to feel amazing and give them an experience that goes beyond just creating beautiful portraits...

It’s my love of people -- our stories, our challenges, our stumbles and our triumphs -- that makes me feel so connected to my work as a portrait photographer.

That... and the fact that I see beauty.

Everywhere. In people. In the light. In shadows. Seriously, I can't turn it off.

My point is this: my superpower is in seeing you and helping you find your radiance. Together we will capture the best portraits you've ever seen of yourself. And you'll love being reminded of how gorgeous you are through this one of a kind portrait experience. I'd love the opportunity to SHOW you what I mean...

THIS is why I love what I do... and this is WHY I want to work with YOU.



* for the length of a masters degree in architecture and 10 years working in the field of architecture, I literally “designed space.” My time as an architect helped shape my approach to composition, light and the art of photography to this day.

Jennifer Merritt Koskinen is an Award Winning Portrait Photographer based in Denver Colorado. She is also an internationally published architectural and theatrical production photographer, a former architectural designer, a mountain-girl / urban enthusiast, a wanna-be theoretical physicist, and an AVID tree-hugger.

Most proudly known as “Gabe’s mom” for the past decade and a half.

contact :

Jennifer M Koskinen | Photographer

Merritt Portrait Studio + Merritt Design Photo

phone: (970) 708.2065

(NOTE: if you leave a message and don't hear back right away, please drop me an email as I'm often with clients during business hours and can get back to you via email to arrange a time for a phone call)

email: (link below)

awards + honors

2016 and 2017 HOT 100 WINNER!!
10th place in Black & White category of Senior Style Guide (out of 7,012 entries from all over the world)


THANK YOU to all of my amazing clients, friends and family who took the time to vote and leave wonderful, soulful comments on Denver's A-list... 

Merritt Portrait Studio made the TOP 5 (out of 137 nominated photographers) for BEST PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY, 2016 and 2017!!

fine art prints  [ landscape | urban | iphone ]

fine art square prints

I'm asked often about camera gear, and I absolutely LOVE my Canon 5D MkII (and backup original Canon 5D).

But I'm also a super enthusiastic iPhone camera lover! I've been instagramming (@merrittphoto) what has become an almost daily visual journal since Jan 2011. Documenting daily keeps my compositional skills sharp... and I love it!

You can find my collection of Fine Art prints (landscape, urban and more) in my FINE ART PRINT GALLERY where prints are available for purchase.

photo by Gabe Koskinen

photo by Gabe Koskinen

what people are saying :

Oh wow! Cried like a baby! My brother too — they both say they are the MOST INCREDIBLE and beautiful pictures. My mom keeps talking about how artistic and talented you are. They CANNOT get over these! THANK YOU!!!
— Lisa W, mother of senior portrait client
If you have ANYONE special in your life, you need to have a family photo session done with Jennifer... She exudes such love for her craft and her subjects; she got real smiles out of us because she made us feel great. She’s one of the kindest, most ethical humans I have ever met. Just ONE of the photos we got is worth the price of the whole thing. If I lived in Denver, I’d do this every year. Contact her! You will be DELIGHTED.
— Stephanie Cozart, family portrait
Thanks so much for your generosity of time and talent. It truly was the easiest photo session I’ve ever done. You were very engaged and present. I realize you do a lot of these but I felt like mine was the most important session of your year. That’s a great quality in addition to your eye and technical expertise.
— Gregg A, actor headshots
Such a joy to work with such a talented artist and wonderful person!
— Andie D, senior client
Oh my WOW. Jennifer you SEEEEEE.. like really see. This is 1000% special, unique, sweet and heartwarming. My entire life feels like herding kittens (I even use that term) and to be able to see these little girls through your that video is SUCH a gift. I love your work, you are more talented than you give yourself credit for. I feel more honored than ever to know you!
— Jayme R, children's party & family portrait
Thank you, Jennifer, for the incredible work you did with [our daughter] on Sunday. Your passion for photography and your respect for your “subject” is undeniable.
— Marilyn W., mother of senior portrait client
Jennifer, these are fabulous photos! The colors... depth of field... the moments you’ve captured. I’m blown away. You have a real gift.
— Kent M, family, headshot and theatre production client
It was wonderful working with you and your son on Saturday! That was the best family photo shoot we have ever done!! Thanks for your ease and playfulness!
— Emily C, family client
Still glowing with pleasure at the great shots Jennifer took for my new business. Grateful that she did such a great job so quickly and painlessly for me.
— Robbie B, professional headshot client

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in case you're curious...

HOW did I go from a career in ARCHITECTURE to becoming a PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER?

’93 | Bachelor Arts, Colgate University [ Art + Art History ]
’96 | Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania
’97-’04 | Architectural design work in Telluride, CO + Taos, NM
’04 | Merritt Design is founded [ originally as a freelance architectural design firm ]
’04-’05 | First landscape photographs are shown in galleries and event photos are published, and the evolution into Merritt Design Photo begins
’09 | Merritt Design Photo expands to Denver market [ initially as architectural photographer ]
’12 | Discovered my true life's mission and passionate LOVE of empowering clients through the portrait experience