Urban Headshot Session at Denver Center for Performing Arts

Confession: I still get nervous before every single photo session. I take it as a sign that I care deeply about the integrity of what I create, that everything works (technically and logistically) and that my client is happy with the experience and the end product. Sometimes, even with careful planning, adjustments are required (due to weather, location, light, etc.), and that’s part of what I love -- the whole process keeps me on my toes -- keeps me constantly learning.

Urban Headshot Session in Denver with beautiful young woman

For all of those reasons and more, portrait sessions are more fun than ever -- even the seemingly straightforward headshot sessions. Perhaps it’s the time of year. Perhaps it’s that I feel a confidence in my own capabilities as a photographer that is allowing me to try new things with light, posing and location. Whatever it is, every single session these days feels fresh and full of opportunity.

This session was no different. What a gorgeous girl -- I absolutely adore this young woman’s darling personality. And I love how her curls naturally frame her face! On top of her radiance, downtown Denver is just so much fun to work with as a backdrop -- particularly on a day like this one with just the perfect amount of overcast in the sky.

Framing portraits against the different colors in the environment -- how an urban scene can be used creatively to highlight a client’s eyes, skin tone or clothing -- it is deeply satisfying to the designer in me! Each carefully composed click of the shutter can create a unique work of art around an amazing person… so. much. fun.

I’m addicted. And I’m guessing YOU need a new headshot!

Drop me a line and let's talk about making a unique work of art around YOU.

Drop me a line and let’s talk!