Behind the Scenes on Urban Senior Portrait Session in Denver


This session was simply WAY too much fun not to share a glimpse of what goes on "behind the scenes" in a series of snapshots taken by my assistant (who happens to be my son!) I'm always amazed by how important it is to roll with changes in a "plan," as with this session where we ended up with multiple locations by default... if it weren't for that attitude, THIS could never have happened:

Urban High School Senior Portraits in Denver

We had initially planned to stay at one venue (see below photos) for our entire photo shoot, but a multitude of circumstances only allowed us about an hour at that first location. The venue, called Blanc in Denver, is Ah-MAZ-ing and available on limited basis through my Studio cooperative (ask me more if you're a photographer looking for an incredible studio opportunity!) It features a converted barn space, and is now being used as quite a unique weddings and events venue... or a great location for a portrait session! Here are some iPhone shots from when I scouted the place with Gabe (my assistant), and a few behind the scenes from Sarah's session.

After our allotted hour, we were all thrilled with what we were getting... and excited to keep shooting! So we ventured downtown to photograph Sarah in a few other urban locations that I've been wanting to explore as portrait locations.

I LOVE working with all kinds of high school seniors, and to get to work with such an amazing young woman as this, bringing her session to life was a joy beyond words. I've known Sarah for years; she was one of my first portrait clients in my other studio space, and she's an extraordinary person -- funny, strong, gorgeous, and rich with talent that will make you cry.

Seriously, she is going to be famous in the not so distant future and you'll see for yourself, if you haven't already had the opportunity to watch her perform in any number of regional theatre companies in and around Denver. This girl is going places...

And... I mean... I don't usually share back of camera shots OR photos of my desktop editing... but OMG!! I'm WAY too excited to keep these to myself!!

Stay tuned... the finished photos from this session are going to be craaazy beautiful.

In fact I'm excited to share a whole variety of exciting senior sessions that are coming up -- great people, great locations, great collaborations!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm a lucky, lucky girl.