Meet Gabe | Urban Actor Headshots in Denver

This young man . . .

What can I say about this talented, intelligent, kind-hearted, young human? Well, I’ve known him, literally, since the day he was born. Since that day (well, actually since about 9 months before that day) he’s been the love of my life, my inspiration, my best buddy… oh yes, and my son!

And while my iPhone camera always holds some several THOUSAND photos of him (the majority of which are of him making ridiculous faces)... And despite the fact that he’s with me holding reflectors to help light my clients as my assistant on most of my photo sessions… Incredibly, we hardly ever take real headshots or portraits of HIM.

So we decided to change that this past weekend, and actually scheduled a sort of official session! Of course, the day we scheduled, it happened to be 18 degrees out (happens less often than you'd think in Denver). But our mission was not to be deterred, and so set out to capture at least a few headshots -- for as long as my fingers worked and his nose wasn't too red!

As it turns out, 18 degrees is REALLY cold, and so we didn’t last all that long (frozen photographer fingers and bright red cheeks in a portrait aren’t the best combination for portrait work), but we had a great time (he remarked how strange it was to be on the other side of the reflector/camera!), and we got a few great shots just wandering the streets within walking distance of our home (and, thankfully, of a warm and cozy coffee shop in which we stopped to warm up!)

It's honestly a bit surreal to edit photos of a face I know so well… but it sure feels wonderful to finally make the time and space to do it!

And on the off chance that it's not abundantly obvious... I love this kid with all my heart!

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