Preparation Guide to Rock your Professional Headshot Session

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Here are a few tips to help you arrive at your professional headshot session feeling prepared. If we’re photographing out in the streets of Denver, it’s important to remember a way to carry any extra wardrobe items in a convenient, safe manner if you need to put them on a sidewalk while we are making photos. A rolling suitcase is usually best.


  1. Bring 1-2 looks for your express headshot session (2-3 if you booked an hour, and 4-6 if you booked a full personal branding session). Even if your end goal is just one or two photos it’s best to have options. Please don’t bring your whole wardrobe as we'll end up using up shooting time trying to sort through your clothes.

  2. Bring a variety of necklines and fabric textures. Simple tops are best, and keep wardrobe options in line with your brand.

  3. Clothes that fit close to your body are more flattering in photos (no matter your body type, I can pose you in more flattering ways if your clothing is not baggy or boxy).

  4. Bring colors that compliment your skin tones, and generally avoid black or pure white -- opt instead for colors that compliment and bring out your eyes, skin tone or hair are best.

  5. Avoid flashy / busy patterns that will distract from YOU. The main focus of these photos should be your eyes and the connection we feel with your personality.

  6. Jackets and uncomplicated layers can create variety without stopping for full changes.

  7. If you can wear a light tank under tops, it allows for quick changes outside, and therefore more photography time.

  8. Jewelry can distract from you, so unless it’s a vital part of your brand (and you're confident it will stay that way until your next headshot session), you might want to skip it.

  9. TRY ON your wardrobe items before you bring them. If you’re only doing headshots, there’s no need to worry about pants (I mean, you’ll need to WEAR pants to the session, of course). Check that items still fit well. Hopefully this will remind you to pack outfit specific undergarments (i.e. avoid striped undershirts/black bras under light shirts, etc.).

  10. Launder, press, de-lint as needed.



Think of this as you would preparing for an interview…

Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest in the days leading up to your session. This will help keep your skin clear and eyes bright! Don’t stress if you wake up with blemishes the day of your session (and don’t mess with them as it will generally make them worse -- let photoshop do the magic there!) 

Light Exercise (even a quick walk) before your session can add a healthy glow to your skin.

Eyebrows / Nails / Facial Hair: clean up / trim / etc. as necessary.

Hair: Bring a brush/comb and any products necessary to control static/flyaways (or to keep in place if there’s a light breeze). Please DO NOT try out a brand new haircut/style the week before your session (take it from clients who have learned this lesson the hard way)!

Makeup: generally a touch more mascara/lip color and contouring is advisable for photos, and be sure to refresh right before our session (even if you don't normally wear makeup, mascara and lip tint is great to highlight your features but still look natural).

Men: a bit of lip balm or chapstick can be your best friend to avoid cracked lips (it’s Colorado)!

BE ON TIME: Please familiarize yourself with directions to our meeting place and leave yourself time to negotiate traffic and parking. Session times are chosen around flattering light. Nothing worse than arriving frazzled, except arriving late when light is changing (AND there might be a session scheduled after yours).

When you first arrive, we’ll chat about your wardrobe for a few minutes, and then you’ll have time to relax into the session.

Trust that you’ve hired a photographer who has experience and will be able to direct you into your most flattering poses (this is critically important since you can’t see yourself, after all!)

Ideally, even if you’re nervous or don’t like being in front of a camera, you’ll be surprised and have a great experience while we produce fantastic headshots to help you land your next dream job, client or audience with confidence.