Global Photo Contest - Top Performing Photographer!

On a bit of a whim (meaning, the night before the contest entry deadline) I decided to pull together a batch of this past year's photos and enter them into a global photo contest called Shoot & Share.

The photos collect votes over the course of 4 weeks (last year's contest gathered over 81 million votes and I think this year got even more!). Most of the photos were in the "seniors" category, in which there were nearly 30,000 entries.

And this is cool... the RESULTS!

I had 5 photos make it to the top 10%, 4 more in the top 20% and 9 more in the top 30% of entries from all over the world!

Here's a video that one of the contest sponsors (Vivi) made for me, of my top performing photos:

Honestly, as I watch this, all I can do is smile and think is how HAPPY these photos make me, for the wonderful people I've been able to meet, photograph and work with this year.

I truly love this work for the connections I get to make!!

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