Voice Talent | Personal Branding Portrait Session in Denver

Don’t be fooled by her petite stature: this adorable woman is a fierce powerhouse of talent, warmth and inspiring confidence. To say I was impressed by her (and loved every minute of spending the day with her!) would be an enormous understatement.

Rachael West Talent Personal Branding Photos in Denver with Merritt Portrait Studio

An Emmy Award Winning ISDN Voice Talent, Actor, Model and Host, she also happens to be downright delightful. My son (assisting on this session) and I thoroughly enjoyed touring her studio, learning about the work she does in her impressive custom studio, and basking in the purple and yellow glow of her home.

Her personal branding photo session was divided into two parts. Part One fell into my initial career skillset of architectural photography. The goal here was to showcase her incredible, purple (I do LOVE a client with his or her own color!) custom recording studio. Her top of the line professional recording booth was designed to fit her home so she can record at any hour, without the need to work around others’ studio hours, as well as to meet the demands of her internationally based clientele. And this woman WORKS. Every detail has been addressed from technical to functional… and the cream on top? It is all designed to match her personal style.

Part Two of her session was her personal branding, headshot and portrait session. Which, of course, was a blast! We spent a large portion of the session laughing as we wandered around downtown Denver seeking out the perfect backgrounds and colors to complement her wardrobe and coloring, finding a cohesive look to tie all of her photos together. All the while we enjoyed trading industry stories and getting to know each other..

I always love working with actors and talent who have had the opportunity to work with other photographers, as their perspective provides me with valuable feedback. I try to be as helpful as possible in communicating direction on a session, as well as showing my clients what I mean with examples on the back of camera to help them visualize what I'm getting. It was great to hear her articulate both during the session and afterwards, just how helpful that was on that side of the camera.

"Amazing! Incredible talent, wonderful ability to give direction in the moment with understandable adjustments that make the photo magical. The BEST headshot experience I've ever had in Denver!" - Rachael

Towards the end of the session, as the light slipped toward the warm and golden hour, we headed to one of my favorite spots in Denver and these photos are some of my favorites of this season. Warmth permeating not just in the quality of light, but captured in her adorable personality, expression, tone and character.

Every time I meet someone with this quality of warm competence and confidence, I can see immediately that their clients must love working with them as well. What a treasure!!

For more information on Rachael West and RW Talent LLC  and to hear and watch samples of her work, please visit her website:

Thank you, Rachael, for reminding me again how fortunate I am that this work introduces me to such outstandingly talented people. You have inspired me and I'm grateful to know you!

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: I am a Denver based portrait photographer specializing in bringing out personality in my clients’ eyes while creating powerful, personal images. I want your photos to stand out and communicate more than your average headshot. Comprehensive personal branding packages are custom styled around each client’s specific needs, and sessions are designed to be enjoyable and empowering And don’t worry, if you think you’re not “photogenic” -- it’s not your job to be photogenic. It’s my job to take great photos of you! I would love to chat with you about designing a couture professional branding session for you.

Oh this Girl! Stunning Talent Headshots in Denver

Eeek! I absolutely love this young woman!

Young Actor Headshot by Denver photographer Jennifer Koskinen | Merritt Portrait Studio

We have known this gorgeous girl since she and my son shared a 4th grade classroom when we first moved to Denver. She captured our hearts from day one -- creative, funny, bright, grounded and a blast to be around. Her mom asked me to photograph her first round of talent headshots before I was doing a lot of portrait work -- I'll always be grateful that she trusted me before I trusted myself!

Not surprisingly, getting to photograph her actor / talent headshots again this time was a huge honor! Her unique brand of exotic beauty is completely captivating to me. And as beautiful as she is in these natural light photographs, she is this beautiful and even so much MORE as a human being. Smart, kind, witty -- make that hilarious -- and she possesses that kind of completely contagious laugh that makes me smile just to think about (seriously. I just smiled all by myself at my computer)..

For her portfolio of actor and commercial headshots, we wandered the streets and alleys of Cherry Creek North in Denver, exploring complementary textures and colors to use as environmental backdrops for her wardrobe and personal style. The goal with her headshot session was first to celebrate her bright, youthful look, and then also to show some of the diversity of her range by styling with a more intense look, as seen in the leather jacket shots (I mean, the intensity in her gaze in the photo above... right??).

Her wardrobe is a fantastic example of how to get a dynamic and interesting range of looks in your headshots, simply inspired by appropriate clothing choices.

Without changing hair or makeup, we were still able to capture a nice variety of looks. By switching up layers, necklines, textures, colors, and styles you can access different sides of your own personality for a good variety of choice when it comes to your final photos.

These kinds of model portfolio sessions really are so much fun -- for me, and judging by the feedback I hear, for my clients! I’m constantly learning on every shoot about new ways to draw things out of people to bring to their headshots and portrait photographs. It’s enormously satisfying -- and especially fulfilling when my clients are full of this much awesome personality.

I’m one lucky photographer!


You really can't pass up an opportunity for silly photos when you have old friends reuniting on a session like this... Especially when you find a fabulous purple wall in an alley! That's my son and assistant, after helping me with reflectors on this session. With our "work" completed, the moms got to sit back and watch these two kids relax and do what they do best... crack each other up. Have I mentioned how much I adore these kids?

I’m a Denver based child actor headshot photographer specializing in bringing out connection, personality in my clients’ photos by giving them a highly personalized photo session experience. I would love to chat with you about your headshot needs!