Making Wind WORK on a Natural Light Headshot Session in Denver

… and sometimes, when your client has long hair and the wind gusts are so crazy unpredictable that her hair is mostly blowing in her face… and you’re considering postponing the rest of the session... but you just keep shooting because there’s a tight turnaround for audition materials and something in you says you can make it work …
... sometimes... you end up with a shot like THIS that just takes your breath away:

Gorgeous wind in hair headshot of high school senior actor in Denver, by photographer Jennifer Koskinen, Merritt Portrait Studio

It’s one of my favorite expressions, and it applies so perfectly to photography. Especially to a session like this that pushes a photographer to make the most of challenging weather (although let's be honest -- the stormy clouds made for light that was PERFECT!) If you've done the work -- the preparation, the learning, the scouting, and you've learned how to make the most of your equipment, location and situation... that's when you really can get lucky.

And so, by "getting lucky" in this case, I mean: this was a stormy afternoon in Denver, and normally we probably would have postponed. But there were gifts for us in this storm. What a great example of the rewards of staying focused, flexible and determined through climatological challenges on an outdoor, natural light session. The wind ended up moving Josette's hair beautifully -- if we waited for it! And the light was soft, and wrapped around her gorgeous skin and freckles just perfectly.

And yes, it helps to be working with such a strikingly beautiful, talented and wonderful young woman!

Josette was a dream to work with, expressing herself with confidence beautifully through those incredible and completely captivating blue eyes. And it was amazing how she didn’t even seem to notice the dramatic (sometimes scary looking) clouds and wind and rain and everything else we encountered that day. Actors are amazing -- the show must go on, right? We just genuinely had fun out there and made it work!

This amazing young woman is gorgeous, uber-talented and a joy to spend time with. I’m ridiculously excited to photograph her senior portrait session this summer!

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