Meet Jack | Fashion meets Industrial on Senior Guy Session in Denver

My senior guy clients just plain knocked it out of the park this year. And this handsome visual artist major from the Denver School of the Arts is a great example of what I'm talking about!

Senior Pictures in Denver with photographer J. Koskinen, Merritt Portrait Studio

Jack’s senior session came about as the result of a donation I made to the Denver School of the Arts big annual fundraiser and silent auction (I love meeting new clients through these auctions, AND it always feels great to give back to a school that has given so much to my son!) Working with Jack at my Cottonmill Studio location in Denver was such a blast!! You’d never know this gorgeous guy had never officially been photographed before. He was comfortable, open to direction, confident, and relaxed “on set.” As he's a fellow graphic artist, I enjoyed hearing his feedback on the photos and compositions we were creating as we went. I love a sense of collaboration when working with fellow creatives!

If you’ve been following my posts for a while, you know that one of my favorite things about this studio is the fact that it’s set on the campus of a working, industrial factory. So the grounds offer something new and different to offer on every session. This time, we got to photograph inside THE TRUCK -- the one with the opaque roof that lets all this crazy warm light in, and rolls of metal in the back. What a cool set for a one-of-a-kind set of portraits, which just seemed perfect for Jack’s style -- he looked like a high fashion male model in there to me! Moving on from there the stock yards were also full of great textures, patterns and color to complement his session.

Turns out, I learned just a few weeks ago that, sadly, this was one of my last sessions at this incredible location. The factory that owns this historic building has officially ended our lease as they need their space back. So if you see this post and love this location, I’m officially putting out a LAST CALL for booking this location. If you want a session here, let me know right away and if there’s time to fit in a session, let’s do it!

Time to discover new great locations...

I’m a Denver based high school senior portrait photographer specializing in bringing out connection, personality in the EYES by giving my clients more than just senior pictures for their yearbook -- I create an immersive and empowering experience, custom tailored around the personality and interests of each individual client. I would love to chat with you about designing an high school senior photo shoot for you!

Meet Chloe | Light Filled Senior Pictures in Denver

Magical... Luminous… Natural… these are the words I think of when I recall this session.

Denver High School Senior Pictures, photographer Jennifer Koskinen, Merritt Portrait Studio

The former architect in me, without a doubt, loves photographing urban sessions. But with how much I love photographing senior portrait sessions in the city, I almost forgot how much I also love the open, late afternoon, long light of summer session in a natural or wilderness setting for portraits!

Our location for this magical session was essentially Chloe’s backyard… she is lucky enough to live right next to a protected wetlands and wilderness area south of downtown Denver. Open fields, reflective water, long grasses, wildlife, cottonwood trees and cattails… it’s quite the dreamy spot for pictures!

And working with this lovely young woman was a dream in itself. Intelligent, grounded, sweet, soulful… she has exotic and gorgeous features, and just strikes me as a wonderful human being from the few hours we spent together.

During this warm light-filled session, smoke from the wildfires burning out west was just starting to blow into the area and filter our atmosphere. Often, the dreamy quality of color and tone you see in the photos from late in this session is achieved through photo filters applied in post production -- but in this case, this look is completely for real. Smoky skies out west are not new, and I always obsess a bit about the possibly dire circumstances at their source, but they sure do make for some incredible, almost surreal light conditions.

I'm so grateful to have worked with this beautiful human and in this absolutely stunning setting!  I wish her the very best in her next chapter!!

Summertime Senior Pictures with Denver Photographer Jennifer Koskinen | Merritt Portrait Studio

I’m a Denver based high school senior portrait photographer specializing in bringing out connection, personality in the EYES by giving my clients more than just senior pictures for a yearbook -- I strive to create an immersive and empowering experience, custom tailored around the personality of each individual client. I would love to chat with you about designing an high school senior photo shoot for you!

Top 10 Tips | Preparing for your SENIOR PORTRAIT SESSION!!

It’s high school senior portrait session time!


Having a senior portrait session with a professional photographer should be a once in a lifetime, confidence building, fun and empowering experience -- AND it should be one that results in pictures that will last generations (be aware: digital media is not likely to not last -- only prints should be considered archival).

Your kids -- even grandkids -- should be able to look back at your senior photos and be inspired to learn more about your story. The potential value and life of this experience extends far beyond the yearbook picture!

So, to make it a positive and fun experience, here are a few things to look for in a photographer:

FIRST: do you resonate with the work you see on a photographer's website/portfolio? Are the EYES the focus of the pictures? Do you feel personality and connection from the people being photographed? Is the lighting flattering? Does the style match your style (or desired artistry)?

SECOND: do you feel comfortable communicating with your photographer? Your photographer should offer a complimentary consultation so that you can design your session details to fit YOUR personality and style. Your comfort level on the day of your session is critical to getting great connection in your photos so this is a must!


ONCE you have decided you can't wait to work with ME . . .

A little preparation can go a long way to making this even BETTER. To that end, I have compiled a few tips after years of doing this to help you arrive feeling prepared and ready to get the most out of the senior portrait experience :


  1. What to wear: You should bring at least 4-5 different looks to your session. We may not shoot them all, but it’s always great to have options. Think in shades of casual/cozy to more formal/dressy, but keeping all options in line with your personality and style. Think about necklines and a variety of textures of fabric, lace, etc.. Clothes that fit close to your body are more flattering in photos (no matter your body type -- baggy clothing is very difficult to pose). Think about colors that compliment your skin tones (colors that compliment your eyes, skin tone or hair are great). Layers are great (jackets, leather jackets, flannel shirts, etc.) to give us options. Try to avoid flashy or busy patterns that will distract from YOU. Jewelry will often become a distraction, but if there’s an accessory that you love, by all means bring it along and we can try it! Don’t forget shoes/boots/etc. and socks to go with each outfit! If there’s a prom dress or something in your closet that you love but never get to wear, please bring it!

  2. At least a week prior to your session: gather and TRY ON each complete outfit. Check that they are clean and that they still fit you well. Don't forget to include any undergarments needed (i.e. no striped undershirts/black bras under light shirts!!) and... please launder / press as needed.

  3. If step number two has left you uninspired, perhaps it’s time for a new outfit or two? (which is why step 2 is NOT the night before your session). Check out Pinterest for ideas (I have a fun senior photo style board and other portrait/style boards HERE), but keep in mind that your senior photos should be a direct reflection of YOU, as you are at this moment in your life.

  4. Wardrobe Portability: If we're on location somewhere other than in one of my studios, be sure that your wardrobe and accessories are packed in a way that we can carry them around with us if we're walking and put down on a sidewalk, without scattering or loosing items along the way!

  5. A few days prior, make sure you stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. Think of this as you would preparing for an audition or interview. This will help keep your skin clear and eyes bright! Don’t stress if you wake up with blemishes the day of your session (and don’t mess with them as it will generally make them worse -- let photoshop do the magic there!)

  6. Nails + Eyebrows: this applies to girls AND guys -- clean up your eyebrows before your photo session! And your hands will likely be in at least a few photos, so make sure they look how you want them to look (i.e. fancy manicure is not necessary, but please, no chipped polish!)

  7. Exercise the week prior so you feel great IF that’s your thing -- but there’s no need to delay or dread your session so you can “lose a few pounds.” One of the major benefits of hiring a PROFESSIONAL is that he or she should know a number of posing tips to make you look your best and to flatter every and any body! (and this is one of my specialties!) And for goodness sake, get a good night's sleep before your session!

  8. Day of session: make sure you’ve familiarized yourself with directions to our meeting place and leave yourself time to negotiate traffic and parking. Nothing worse than arriving frazzled, except perhaps arriving late when there might be a session scheduled after yours. Losing out on session time stinks!

  9. If you’re getting professional makeup and/or hair, arrive with your face and hair clean and dry. If you wear makeup normally, feel free to bring a snapshot of how you’d like your makeup to look so your makeup artist can compliment your normal look, making it "camera ready." If you aren't getting a professional makeover, wear your normal shades of mascara/lip color, just be sure to refresh right before our session (even if you don't normally wear makeup, mascara and lip tint is great to highlight your features but still look natural). And guys, a bit of chapstick is a great thing to bring for hydrated, non-cracked lips!

  10. Trust that you’ve hired a photographer who has experience and will be able to direct you to share your most awesome sides, empower you, and bring out your personality for the best photos you’ve ever seen of yourself!

The only thing left for you to do is to RELAX into the session and be yourself. HAVE FUN and allow your photographer to direct you through this experience and capture you at your best!!


Hopefully that helps, but if you have ANY questions, please drop me a line and ask!