We Just Had To | 2nd Annual Spring Blossom Portrait Fun!

I mean, we didn’t really have a choice, did we?

I think of this as his "Stephen Colbert face" -- pure ridiculous and full of joy

I think of this as his "Stephen Colbert face" -- pure ridiculous and full of joy

Last year’s flower photo session with my son was such a blast, and with the threat of snow in the forecast, it didn’t take too much arm twisting to get Gabe to model for me again this year. I didn't even have to bribe him with pizza this time.

When we first arrived, he posed for a few artful and more cinematic feeling photos.

I should note there were about 400 people arriving as we started, drinking beer and setting up for sporting events right behind us. Gabe just did his thing as if they weren't even there. The focus of an actor...

And then it was time for him to just be a boy. The "personality" shots... all him.

And a few more... a touch less ridiculous... a little closer in...

The conditions were the incredibly similar to our cherry-blossom-play-time last year, but I tested out a few different lenses out there this year. My normal go to lens is out of commission at the moment, and I'm actually enjoying testing the limits of two other lenses I've had but not used as much. I quite love them! Always learning...

Gabe even snapped a few shots of me -- he's got a fantastic eye!

Creative Outdoor Portraits in Denver in Natural Light. Photographer Jennifer Koskinen

If you missed last year’s post it was equally silly, creatively inspiring and totally fun. HERE it is if you'd like to see! Man... I just realized this kid of mine is going to be needing his high school senior pictures this upcoming season!!

Despite the "snow" (which wasn't as big a deal as predicted), there's still color out there with which to play. If YOU would like some creative spring flower portraits -- buzz me asap!

This incredible wonder of nature in the city will go quickly and is a spectacular backdrop for child, family or personal fine art portraits!! I'd love to photograph YOU out here before it's all gone!

Meet Zoe | Senior Portrait Session at the Denver Public Library

I'll just say it: this session was kind of a dream for me.


Those who know me know how much I adore books. OK, honestly, it goes a bit beyond adoration and may be closer to a borderline obsession. I collect, devour, read, sniff, re-read, and even have taken classes to learn how to binding my own books. I constantly dread moving because, though I have very little furniture, my book collection is not small. Or lightweight..

So (I swear I have a point here)…. the opportunity to photograph a young writer who loves books enough that she requested her senior portrait session location inside the library had me kind of beside myself with joy in anticipation of her session.

And so it is that I knew I adored her from the moment I met Zoe... Lovely, intelligent, sweet and GORGEOUS Zoe..

Zoe’s senior session had a unique and quietly confident kind of magic. First of all, she’s stunningly beautiful -- inside and out. There's a deep and fully present quality of her vibrant green eyes that took my breath away over and over throughout the session. Then fold in that giant crooked smile, adorably quirky personality and perfectly fitting wardrobe… we’re talking about a photographer’s dream high school senior portrait session!

Photographing inside the Denver Public Library was creatively satisfying on multiple levels (and yes, old book smell counts as at least one of them). Working with light, using the colors, shapes and textures of books as compositional elements, exploring the different parts of the library -- warm old wood, card catalogs, books of every size and age.

When, at one point, I asked her to grab a book, Zoe’s eye fell on what seemed to be the nearest one, and without skipping a beat, she nonchalantly pulled this book out as if she had conjured that very title with her mind.

You see? Magic.

And for the last bit of magic… I’ve noticed over years of doing these sessions, that there’s something kinda cool that happens when people think the session is wrapped up. We’re packing up and heading back to our home base. Serendipity tends to insert itself into this space. Light falls in a new way; colors of a wardrobe suddenly just HAPPEN to be complemented by urban sculpture… a random sprinkler head post that I’ve walked by a million times suddenly presents itself in a new way to add to a composition and pull color from an outfit (ok, that particular one IS a first)…

I watch this happen over and over just at the point that a level of unguarded relaxation washes over my client (at this point we know we’ve already captured amazing images, so there’s zero pressure in this space), and I can capture a new side of people in this space. Those “afterthought” photos often become my favorite photos of the day.

Case in point with this final series… Sigh…

I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

Thanks also to Ashleigh Franke, Beauty by Ashleigh, for her always beautiful hair and makeup artistry!

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