Meet Catherine | Flowers, Grace & Tulle in the Denver Botanic Gardens

Everything about working with this bright, graceful, kind, insanely talented and beautiful young woman for her senior pictures in Denver was a dream!


Catherine mentioned at her consultation that she wanted to photograph her session at the Denver Botanic Gardens. As you’ll quickly see, this was the perfect fit for her in every way.

As we discussed styling at her initial consultation, I mentioned that I’d had a vision for a while of a senior session in the gardens with a homemade tulle skirt. Not only did she love the idea, she and her mom jumped on it, hand making not one, but TWO gorgeous, feminine tulle skirts in different lengths and colors.

She looked like a goddess in the gardens.

I should mention here that the weather in Colorado in mid-summer, as anyone who has lived here can attest, is unpredictable, at best. For several weeks during this particular “monsoon season,” my photo sessions were on precarious footing nearly every day. My advice usually is to keep the session and let the weather be a part of the story (barring lightning and/or hail). The weather was iffy enough this particular afternoon that we nearly postponed while watching the intensity of passing storms on the radar. Thankfully (in part on account of Catherine’s new haircut looking fabulous that day), the spirit of adventure was alive in her and with her family (I love it when family members come to watch the senior picture experience -- and I happen to adore her whole family). 

A decision was made to go for it and make the best of whatever happened. From the moment we all arrived the weather convinced us we’d made the right call: the afternoon unfolded in the most PERFECT ways. Soft, filtered light, gentle breeze, moments of sunshine, lovely temperature -- and just a few fleeting raindrops which ended up being no challenge whatsoever.


We had a dreamy session together and I just adore the ultimate collection of senior pictures she chose for her beautiful storytelling album.

Catherine, you are a gift to those of us who are lucky enough to know you (and those who get to listen to you play the piano).

I’m so ridiculously excited for your next chapter (and happy your mom will keep me up to date!!)

Love you guys!!

Oh and before I go... bunnies! So many bunnies!!


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Meet Ally | Senior Session in Denver with Gardens and Magic

This beautiful girl! That wash of greens in the bamboo! The magical soft light! Eeek!


The first time I photographed Ally, towards the end of her winter headshot session (in studio) we were blessed with my favorite kinds of wonderful, fat-flakes snow showers… Made us all so happy we had to run outside and grab a few photos in that winter wonderland (before the snow got crazy that night, if I recall correctly!) Those snowflake photos have remained some of my favorite portraits for the are the very embodiment of joy: an enthusiastic client and great timing!

Cut to summertime, and enter timing with new summer-related challenges: Ally’s first high school senior pictures were postponed when a tropical depression moved through Denver (it was an unusually wet summer here… which was AWESOME, but did make logistics challenging for outdoor photo sessions).

Her second session date was ALMOST postponed when it so happened that at her chosen location of the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Rocky Mountain region’s first ever stinky Corpse Flower was blooming for 48 hours and attracting a record number of 30,000 people ON the day of her session! We considered changing locations… but instead decided to stick with our plan and make it work.

We started by grabbing a few urban photos in Cherry Creek North on our way up to the Gardens. I’m always amazed how really, location photos can be produced almost anywhere, as long as you have good light.

And, hello?!? She just rocked this session. Perfect wardrobe, lovely makeup by Ashleigh Franke (which amazingly didn't melt in the heat of the day!) We paired her more formal outfits with the city-scape... and then brought her more feminine choices to the gardens.

After our mini urban session, we were off to greet the throngs of people at the Gardens. Thankfully, and we found plenty of gorgeous opportunity for intimate portraits despite the crowds -- I have the perfect camera lens to be able to isolate my subject and make everything else go away. But really, it seemed like most of the people were up near the actual "stinky" flower and to be honest, I'm pretty sure we all forgot anyone else was there!

Ally shone beautifully in these floral and dreamily green summer landscapes. I’ve been wanting to photograph portraits in the bamboo walk for ages (that opening photo!) ... doesn’t she look like she’s in a fairy tale in this wash of colors and greens? And her lacy white dress and flower pink t-shirt were both just perfect choices in this setting.

So thrilled to have had the chance to work with you again, Ally!! Wishing you all the best in your next chapter!!

I’m a Denver based high school senior portrait photographer specializing in bringing out connection, personality in the EYES by giving my clients more than just senior pictures for their yearbook -- I create an immersive and empowering experience, custom tailored around the personality and interests of each individual client. I would love to chat with you about designing an high school senior photo shoot for you!