Girls' Portrait Party: Fancy Nancys in Denver!

A young girls' themed portrait party, you say??

How much fun is THIS?!? (go ahead... click play!)

When my makeup artist asked if we could do a portrait party for her 6 year old daughter I honestly wondered if these girls might be too young to enjoy this experience... and sure, there was a bit of feeling like we were herding kittens -- adorable, fancy, sweet, kind little kittens!

In the end, much to my absolute delight, they seemed to really enjoy it. And I so enjoyed working with these darling girls! The feedback (and photos) would indicate they had a great time (when her mom asked what her favorite part of the party was, the birthday girl answered, "getting our pictures taken!" Which I took as a good sign... as I was competing with a pretty fancy cake, after all!

And the photos ARE rather adorable.

This party made me see how much potential there is for this to be a GREAT experience for girls of all ages. FUN, confidence building, entertaining, laughter inducing… and wonderful keepsake photographs from the day! I can imagine that tweens would have an incredible time doing something like this (and how great would it be for their self images at that moment!)

I can imagine girls and women of all ages enjoying mini makeovers, hair styling, a theme if desired, and a photo shoot of each girl on her own, and then all laughing, together as a group celebrating their sisterhood tribe. The ultimate girlfriends’ experience to feel great and have fun with your ladies!

I'd LOVE to do more of these portrait parties -- with tween girls, generations of women, grandmother best friends who have been through it ALL -- you name it! What a unique and thoughtful gift idea this could be!

Let's celebrate sisterhood together, support each other and create beautiful photographs of you all at the same time! If you know any amazing people who may be interested.......... let's chat!!

Thanks to Ashleigh Franke and Beauty by Ashleigh for the opportunity to photograph your daughter and her friends! And for the adorable themed hair, makeup and styling! And Happy Birthday, Leah!!

Thanks to The Studio Denver for being awesome! I'm so proud to be a member of this wonderful group of people!