Travel by Train | Appreciating Adventures on Amtrak

Pretty much everyone who knows me knows how much I love trains.

I love talking about trains. Spending time in train stations. Gawking over model trains. Traveling on trains (duh). And of course, taking pictures from trains. I AM a photographer after all.

VIDEO: iPhone pictures from our first cross country trip in 2014, aboard the California Zephyr, from Denver to Chicago

And sure, flying is ok if you’re in a hurry, but to me it’s like watching a movie rather than having an experience for yourself.

The train invites you to be part of the journey.

To see what’s between here and your destination with your own eyes. To feel the atmosphere shift between rural and urban places.

To feel the history in the rails which unfailingly guide your travel, and watch the unfolding of our landscape from town to farm to city and beyond.

On the train, you become, almost viscerally, a part of that connection between places which seem so different, but all tended by humans for different purposes. Sustenance. Dwelling. Appreciation.

Even at 80mph you bear witness to the curving metamorphosis that unfurls as you cross into a new state. With a bit of attention, the subtle shifts that occur between rural, agricultural and urban parts of our country reveal themselves. Historic towns almost appear to wear a filter of sepia, and then somehow roll into sparkling new metropolises only a short passing of time later. Changes in vegetation seem to yield their own changes in atmospheric conditions, the height of the clouds, the thickness of fog.

VIDEO: Snowy train travel, November 2018 between Denver and Chicago

Rather than dropping in on a place as you quite literally do when you travel by airplane, on the rails the country unwraps itself before you mile by mile, in a story of connections and unique characteristics which define place and make our lands so special.

TRAVEL BY TRAIN invites me to enjoy the journey as an integral part of travel. The window seat also invites me to see, create and share art from the adventure…

ABOVE: long exposure photographs (via iPhone) of passing rails and landscape from the train

Enjoy the journey!

VIDEO: Cross country adventure taking my son to college aboard the Zephyr (Denver, CO to Chicago, IL), the Capitol Limited (Chicago, IL to Washington, D.C.) and the Silver Meteor (Washington, D.C. to Savannah, GA)