1960s Mod Style High School Senior Session

My absolute favorite thing about being a photographer is watching how this experience makes people FEEL.


Knowing that I can create a safe space for someone to experience their own beauty (and I mean this in an inner-glow, radiant, confident, love-filled and empowered kind of beauty) and that they can then carry that feeling of their own radiance around with them forever after their photoshoot -- that truly is magical. Most of us see ourselves through so many layers of self criticism that we don’t see ourselves how the rest of the world sees us. It is crazy to me that on session after session I am able to show my clients how beautiful they are through my eyes and the impartial lens of a portrait. It is my reason for doing this work. It is my highest value. It is my WHY.

Anyway… on to THIS session!


Mia’s high school senior portrait session was one of those that made me feel like I was flying for days, and fits right in this category of empowering, confidence building and fun. And HELLO?! She is a-dor-able!! Her amazing personal style is inspired by a “retro” look, and honestly, we all just about fell over when we saw her in her first look -- her radiant smile and her styling choices -- on this couch. Totally “Mad Men” (which made my makeup artist happy, still feeling sadness at the end of the show!). I love love love this look, and it was beyond satisfying to watch Mia relax into her portrait session and rock her different looks with confidence and grace. Just beautiful.

My remaining summer sessions are filling up FAST and it will be fall (yearbook deadlines!) before you know it! Please drop me a line if you’d like to set up a consultation or BOOK a session!

Seriously… do it now!

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