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What IS a Personal Branding portrait session anyway?

And how could a cohesive, MAGNETIC set of editorial style and headshot portraits enliven your professional image, give you more fresh content for your social media profiles and increase your marketability?

Check out the latest issue of my portrait magazine to learn if this might just be one of the best investments you could make in not only your business, but also your confidence and professional image.

NOTE: magazine is divided into two sections:

  1. Personal Branding and packages (geared towards people who need only digital files) in the first half

  2. Modern Women’s Portrait Glamour sessions (designed for that special, once in a lifetime story session to be celebrated with archival prints and files) in the back half.

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ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Jennifer Koskinen specializes in creating custom, natural light, editorial-style personal branding sessions to highlight what you want to share about YOUR story.

She has a background as an architect and architectural photographer, and is an internationally published Live Theatre and Stage Production Photographer. Jennifer is based in Denver Colorado. For more info and client testimonials, please visit our ABOUT page.

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Meet Kris | Rockin' the Personal Branding Portrait Session in Denver

Those eyes... seriously, I mean... just look at THOSE EYES!!

( pardon my momentary brown-eyed-girl eye-color envy... but can you blame me? )

I'll get to the purpose of this session in a moment, but first, let me transition from eye-color envy to a quick shout-out to LAUGHTER. One of my favorite things in sessions lately is a moment when, partway through a session (almost predictably now) my client laughs in response to my -- how shall I say -- “overly excited” joy and direction with a remark along the lines of, “Wow! You really do enjoy this, don’t you!”

It's one of those moments that always makes me realize that I've once again lost myself in the sheer joy of what I'm seeing through my lens. And yes, I do realize this means my client is laughing AT me, but …  if we're all having fun, we get great photos... so... I have no plans to hold back my joy any time soon!

OK, laughter aside, this particular session was, in fact, an expanded professional headshot session -- part of my line of Personal Branding Portrait Sessions.

Professional and business headshots and portraits aren't the stuffy, traditional "sit in chair and smile against a backdrop" painful occasions they used to be. These sessions can be full of personality, style, and should reflect your level of approach-ability. This is a golden opportunity to define YOUR brand -- to create your own visual calling card. It's an enormously powerful tool in our short attention span world of social media. As we all know, often that first impression is all you get.

This session was EXTRA fun, because, well, that’s how this woman rolls. Kris commissioned me with the goal of refreshing her professional branding images with a new aesthetic for her real estate business, Dreams by Davis (check her out -- you KNOW you want to work with her!)

During her consultation, we designed and styled her session to bring out her absolutely gorgeous eye color and create a set of photographs she could work with easily to be complemented with text and in different contexts within her business' marketing materials (she also has a graphic design background).

And yeah, that’s a lot of business talk for what was really just a TON of FUN. Mostly we laughed. A lot. Which I believe translates into a sense of joy, approach-ability, and confidence in her photos. I mean, don’t you just want to work with this gorgeous and fun-loving woman?? Can’t you just SEE how much fun she would be as a collaborative partner on a sale?

We had plans to take this session “on the road,” but we ended up having such a great time on location at my portrait studio in Denver that we never felt the need to leave. Thankfully, the studio affords quite a bit of flexibility -- and that rooftop is just too much fun for portrait work, especially for a rockin’ client with a hip, graphic design sensibility.

What a blast it is to be offering these highly personal, couture portrait branding sessions as a more extensive and incredibly customized way for people to expand their digital presence beyond the traditional corporate headshot. To be able to refresh your image with a series of multiple photos that have a style and communicate your brand consistently is an incredibly powerful business tool. The feedback I’m receiving is that it’s WELL worth the investment. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Finally, I have a talented team of makeup artists to get you “camera ready” (being camera ready is nearly as much about how you FEEL as it is about how you look! ) Adding a makeover to your session will relax you, give me time to plan your wardrobe with our set/location options, and it sets the mood and tone for your photoshoot. It will help you FEEL pampered, prepared, and is a beautiful part of this whole experience. It’s not required, but I do recommend if you have any hesitation about having your photos taken that working with my stylists will be a huge added value to your experience and final resulting photographs!

Hair & Makeup | Sara Duffey

Location | The Studio Denver

Photography | Jennifer Koskinen | Merritt Portrait Studio

I’m a Denver based professional portrait photographer specializing in drawing out personality and highlighting my clients’ EYES; we will be creating images that are far more than just headshots. Your personal branding session will be styled around YOU, and will be an immersive, fun and empowering experience. I would love to chat with you about designing a couture professional branding session for you!

Meet Heidi | Designer Personal Branding Session in Denver

I'll begin this post with one of my favorite shots of the year... a little "in between setups" whimsy! (when an adorable young girl spontaneously picks up a backdrop and snuggles in it, you go with it!!)

fun mother daughter portrait in denver

Some of you may know that my first career was designing architecture. And that I came to portrait photography after several years as an internationally published architectural photographer (something I still love -- if you’re curious, check out my architectural portfolio and HOUZZ pages).

In fact, one of my most widely published photographs was an architectural photo I did for a show home in the Highlands area (just north of downtown Denver) on which Heidi Mendoza, owner of Re.Dezine, was one of the interior designers. The exterior is bold and eye-catching (and especially spectacular and dramatic in Colorado light!), and the interior is fresh and exquisite. The combination resulted in a set of photos which was widely featured in design magazines, blogs, trade publications and books around the world (a few images below).

architectural photographer denver

So I was really excited when the opportunity arose to photograph this absolutely gorgeous woman (a fellow Finnish designer and mom!) -- and her ridiculously adorable daughter -- in a combined personal branding / mother daughter session.

These personal branding portrait sessions are the real deal, full experience, so we started with one of my wonderful makeup artists, Ashleigh Franke (Beauty by Ashleigh) treating Heidi to a luxurious hair & makeup session. Even for clients who are perfectly comfortable doing their own makeup, it can be an incredibly fun and relaxing thing to have this as the first part of photo session day.

hair makeup session

And then we were ready to jump in! Heidi had told me (as far back as her consultation) that she was nervous and hated having her photo taken... but I'll be honest, after just a few frames she seemed to relax and we had an incredibly fun time! I couldn't wait to photograph her, and as I anticipated, it was an absolute joy photographing her combination of stunning blue eyes with that incredible and voluminous, curly brunette hair!! Such striking contrast!

The session was two-fold in intention. One of the purposes here was to create professional images for Heidi to use in promoting her design business. Styling her session around her chosen wardrobe was a blast. Can you believe this gorgeous woman was nervous for this session?? I mean… I’ve learned several ways to help my clients feel relax and look their best… but just look at that brilliant smile of hers!! Drawing out natural eye contact with a sense of approach-ability, confidence and professionalism is at the heart of a great professional branding portrait, and we got great images here for her to use in her business. And then of course, a bunch of FUN ones with that crazy gorgeous daughter of hers!

As you can see, her daughter is simply divine -- bubbling over with personality and adorable joy!! These mother daughter photos were pretty much effortless -- these ladies are beyond cute together, and so my job was simply to capture what they were already doing!

If you're in the market for a designer, or to read more about Heidi’s beautiful interior design work, please wander over and take a look at her gorgeous portfolio and HOUZZ site!

I’m a Denver based portrait photographer specializing in bringing out connection, personality in the EYES by giving my clients far more than ordinary headshots. Couture personal branding sessions are custom styled around YOU and your brand, and in the process I strive to create an immersive and empowering experience. I would love to chat with you about designing a couture professional branding session for you!

Mother's Day Gift Certificates | Denver Portrait Photographer

This one goes out to the amazing, inspiring moms (and grand-moms!) who LOVE photos... but who hide behind the camera.

mothers day gift idea | merritt portrait studio | denver

This Mother's Day, make a point to have your mom ‪#‎existinphotos‬. Make it extra special with a beautiful gift certificate for a "model for a day" makeover and portrait session for the incredible mom in your life!

Gift certificates come packaged in a beautiful studio box, and are available in any denomination (with print credit or session only).

gift certificate | merritt portrait studio denver

The perfect, incredibly thoughtful gift for the awesome mom in your life... A confidence boosting experience for her (or her and the kids, her and her best friend, partner, HER mom, whoever she likes!), and heirloom photos for the family to have forever!

Contact me now for details!