Autumn Family Pictures in Denver

I adore days like this: perfect weather... just enough fall foliage left to compose gorgeous autumn photos. And the chance to work with a family comprised of amazing people and treasured friends.


We’ve known this family for years (funny how being a parent has made me start to believe that all the cliches are true... time really does fly). Our kids have shared the thespian experience and art school, as well as having shared the rather unique experience of being in professional theatre together (that’s a unique kind of bond, to be sure). This wonderful mom has become a treasured friend of mine and is part of my “tribe” of art-inspired book lovers and mothers. In addition, she is an incredibly talented artist… check out her website to see her beautiful, evocative and life-filled paintings!

For this collection of family portraits, we wandered around the always-makes-me-happy Wash Park, just southeast of downtown Denver. It's a great spot to capture relaxed, loving and warm portraits on a quintessential autumn day.

What a treat is is to get to play and witness another side of my friends when I photograph them. One of my favorite things about family sessions is watching them enjoy the excuse to focus only on the act of connection, laughter and experiencing together-time… all outside on a lovely day. This family is as good as it gets -- kind, intelligent, talented, respectful and ready to laugh together.

When I started working with families I remember thinking that teenagers might not be always on board for all of the “family connection” stuff, but honestly, we always end up having fun! That leaf photo is a great example of the kind of silliness that I just adore. And by the way, I believe those are Cypress leaves and they are my new absolute favorite in fall. Seriously -- next time you see one of these huge beauties on the ground, pick it up and breathe it in -- such a lovely aromatic autumn scent. But I digress...

Truth be told I often wonder whether it’s the memories that we create during a photo session, or the portraits themselves that are most valuable in the end.

Either way is ok with me!

Thank you guys for letting me photograph you!! I adore you!

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Family! | Sisters Headshot Session in Aspen Colorado

Ok, yes, so this one is special…

This is, after all: Family.

My son and I were lucky to have a wonderful visit with my sister's family for a few days in Aspen Colorado this past summer. While we were there, since her daughters are a rather multi-talented bunch and needed refreshed headshots for talent and commercial use, we had an impromptu session before dinner one night. And of course, we made sure to grab a few casual family photos as well!

Actor, model and talent headshots, especially when your subjects are this stinking cute, are about so much more than just pictures -- ideally, I'm striving to capture personality in a still frame. That's no small task, and so my biggest work is to get people to forget they are in front of a camera at all. As a result, the sessions become quite entertaining, even for me behind my camera. I work hard with clients to get them to relax -- sometimes knowing them helps, sometimes it presents a different kind of challenge.

But in this case, this session didn’t ever feel like “work,” in that respect. First of all, this was quite casual -- really it had all the formality of “let’s take some photos before dinner.” We were in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado after all, and my awesome assistant (who happens to be my son) was with me, so, why not? And yes, the agenda was officially to get headshots to update with actor/talent agencies, but we were all on vacation, so it was also about having FUN and hopefully getting a few images for the walls!

And we sure did get some beautiful images of these beautiful young humans...

Since I do know these amazing girls personally, I’m always excited for the opportunity to even attempt to capture each of their OVERFLOWING personalities. Seriously. Always. You should see my cell phone camera roll after a few days with them. And it's extra fun to pull out the "real camera" for a session.

These young ladies are incredible -- each so unique from her sisters, but at the same time so clearly family. They are each blessed with extraordinary talent (already evident even so young!), copious amounts of charm, intelligence… and each of these amazing girls possesses her very own brand of stellar wit and inner joy. They are some pretty cool kids. We feel awfully lucky to call them family!

OK so let’s be honest: my job here was not hard; they are freaking adorable. Those last two frames above... those were her response to my asking her what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Her answer, "FAMOUS!"

And then she heartily cracked herself up.

And here they are with their gorgeous mama... that's a whole lot of beautiful in one photo!

Outdoor family photos in Aspen, Colorado with Denver photographer Jennifer Koskinen

Love you guys!!

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