Meet Alex | Teal-themed Urban Senior Photo Session in Denver

I seriously adore this girl!

A fellow singer, she is a bright and fun person with a sparkle in her smile, a gorgeous voice, a wonderful attitude, and someone I feel like I could talk with for hours on end. Seriously -- time always passes too quickly when I’m with her! I got to work with her earlier in the year for headshots, so I was super excited for her senior session!

singer headshots denver

Everything about her senior session was a blast right from the initial consultation. She articulated clear ideas about her vision for the session to fit her style… all of which is music to a photographer’s ears! Pinterest boards, colors, location, styling -- it all came together beautifully and we all loved her final photos.

You can probably guess that her favorite color is this gorgeous turquoise / blue-green / aqua color (I’m not ever sure what to call it, but it’s one of my favorite’s too!). This soothing hue (reminds me of water in our landlocked mountains) provides a running theme throughout her session. We kept finding this happy yellow everywhere we went, so it ended up being a happy location-inspired accident. A happy complement.

See, so happy! It works, right?

And that amazing truck… of hers?! Turns out I actually had already snapped an iPhone shot of HER TRUCK while stuck at a red light in Denver a few weeks before I met her! How cool is that?

Oh, and I don’t need to mention how HOT it was for this senior session right? (Um, yeah, I’m catching up on my blogging -- but it feels so nice looking at these photos when we woke to 5 degrees this morning!) But seriously… it was hot. Like, really hot! So her desire to be near the fountains at the end (thank you, Union Station planners for this amazing interactive urban element!) was more than understandable.

And thankfully so, as it generated a few most adorable and candid parting photos!

senior pictures near fountains at Union Station in Denver

Love you, Alex!!

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