Timeless Elegance | High School Senior Pictures at Union Station, Denver

Sometimes a photo session literally takes my breath away; this amazing high school senior portrait session at Union Station in Denver was one of those experiences!

High School Senior Pictures at Union Station Denver

Maitland is a brilliant, grounded and young woman with a great sense of humor. She may not immediately draw a ton of attention to herself, but spend just a bit of time with her and you quickly discover that beneath a quiet front, she’s got a quick wit and delightful personality. Oh, and did I mention that she just so happens to have an inner 1920’s glamor model that came out to absolutely STUN me with her classic beauty on this senior session? Seriously, I was rendered speechless -- frame after frame -- by her beautiful expression.

My makeup artist, Ashleigh Franke, worked her subtle but masterful artistry, highlighting Maitland’s features in a natural way to make her feel amazing (this is such a fun part of the process to watch). And then we headed out for our photo session in and around Union Station. I honestly had a hard time shooting, because every time I framed up a composition, her expression, grace and confident elegance took my breath away.

The space and light in and around the historic (and recently beautifully remodeled) train station and urban fabric provided the perfect vintage backdrop to complement Maitland’s timeless look..

And I absolutely ADORE this set of photographs... I hope you do, too!

Class of 2016 senior portrait sessions are booking up now! To see more of my high school senior pictures visit my PORTFOLIO and you can also read more about session options, fees, etc. in the DETAILS section of my website.  Drop me a line if you’d like to set up a complimentary consultation or BOOK a session!

Personal Branding Photos : A Modern Twist on the Professional Headshot

Let’s talk about professional headshots for a moment...

personal branding headshots in Denver with Merritt Portrait Studio

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Assuming you take time to craft and edit your bio and resume, might it be worth the time to invest also in a personally designed and styled set of photographs to represent your brand?

I’m not talking about a predictable, coiffed photo against a predictable backdrop. I’m talking about making a statement; about introducing YOUR personality, style and attitude with a photo... or even a series of photos. Your photographs then serve to introduce you -- to make a great impression before you ever show up in person. Your photo can give an impactful and human personality to your virtual presence, allowing you to stand out in the crowd.

Lisa’s session was one of these PERSONAL BRANDING sessions, designed from the start to transcended a “professional headshot” session and give her blog audience(s) a sense of her style and awesome personality. The photos aren't just boring headshots; they complement her words, ideas and personality.

We had a fantastic time from designing this photo shoot to meet Lisa’s specific professional and branding needs. Even more powerful, we had a BLAST shooting, which enabled her to overcome some long seated fears of the camera -- which was incredibly satisfying to watch. I know, you're thinking, "THIS woman was afraid of the camera?! No way!" But she tells me there were days and days of serious anxiety leading up to our shoot. Thankfully the experience itself wrapped with her having so much fun she's already excited to do it again!

Lisa now has a full collection of powerful, “couture portrait” styled professional images for her blogging portfolio (which, by the way, is a blast -- check out her Skort Project which is awesome, especially if you, like I, suffer from daily decision fatigue). She can mix and match her photos, or display as a group. Since most of us have so many social media profiles to keep up these days -- this is a fun and creative way to keep them all fresh!

If you'd like to discuss designing a personal branding headshot / portrait session to freshen up your profile, please drop me a line! It's more than just fun, it could be GREAT for your business!


Union Station is OPEN! | Senior Photographer Denver

I'm so excited to share this!

My assistant (who happens to also be my 14 year old son) shot a bit of behind the scenes video footage on one of our recent high school senior photo shoots.

And THIS is what he edited together in just a few minutes this morning. I hope he does more of this because I'm really impressed with what he got in his FIRST attempt at creative behind the scenes video of a senior session!!

Thank you, Gabe!

Behind the Scenes at Union Station | High School Senior Pictures Denver

It's busy season for high school seniors! So many ridiculously fun photo shoots coming back to back these days I can hardly keep up with sharing, but another senior session at Union Station was worth a few new kinds of behind the scenes shots (this place is SO great!!!) I can't WAIT to share Anna's session -- we had a wonderful time exploring, and her photos are going to be absolutely stunning.

Enjoy the teasers!

Senior Photographer Denver | Merritt Portrait Studio

And a sneak peek from the final set!

Senior Photographer Denver | Merritt Portrait Studio

Portrait Session in Denver's Newest Treasure: Union Station! { Senior Pictures Denver }

The former architect in me has been beside myself with excitement watching the renovation of Union Station in Denver this year. I photographed it from above while it was under construction; my son and I did walking tours with urban infill groups; we visited when it first opened to the public and then again for the official Grand Opening.

Upon seeing the AMAZING new space, furnishings and light, the photographer in me took over and became beside myself with excitement at the prospect of portrait sessions in the great interior! It has absolutely incredible light -- even, lovely, flattering -- beautiful. The furnishings and textures are incredible. I am in love.

And for my very first session: the amazing Madison!! I can't wait to edit her photos (I mean truly, I am CRAZY excited for these). In the meantime, here are a few teasers from behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes | Senior Photos at Union Station | Merritt Portrait Studio Denver

Yes... we had A LOT of fun!! (and that back of camera shot. I mean, seriously: how absolutely adorable is Madison??)

Also worth mentioning: Everyone from bar tenders to shop owners to security guards seemed excited that we were in there photographing their space. I'll keep saying this: Denver is SO LUCKY to have this unique, beautiful and welcoming urban space.

And one more notable perk to photographing in Union Station: SO many options for wonderful treats after the shoot!