Vintage Industrial High School Senior Pictures in Denver

Must be something about the name Maddie…

I’ve photographed several high school seniors named Madison and Maddie now, and every one has been simply wonderful, each in a different way! This adorable young woman was such a joy to work with -- my favorite thing a photo session filled with genuine laughter.

For this Maddie's senior pictures, we photographed on location at my industrial studio in southwest Denver. For those of you who have been following my work, this is my super unique studio located at a working historic factory building -- so her session had a natural, vintage / urban vibe. Don't you just love how this rugged backdrop highlights her stunning smile and spectacular blue eyes?!

It was a blast having her sister and mom along for her senior portrait experience. I know some photographers don’t like this, but I personally LOVE when a family member (or two) can join seniors for their session -- not only is it fun for parents (and a sibling) to witness this fun experience, but they often crack up their seniors during the session, and as a result I get to capture the kind of authentic expression that only the perhaps-slightly-embarrassing comment from a loved one can elicit (trust me, it’s worth it for shots like these). Plus I do like to include them in a few photos if they're game!

Huge thanks to my awesome makeup artist for this session, Ashleigh Franke, Beauty by Ashleigh

I'm a Denver based high school senior portrait photographer who specializes in bringing out connection and personality and my clients' EYES. I do this by giving them an immersive and fun photo session experience -- trust me -- this will be so much more enjoyable than traditional pictures! I'd love to chat with you about designing a high school senior photo shoot for you!

1960s Mod Style High School Senior Session

My absolute favorite thing about being a photographer is watching how this experience makes people FEEL.


Knowing that I can create a safe space for someone to experience their own beauty (and I mean this in an inner-glow, radiant, confident, love-filled and empowered kind of beauty) and that they can then carry that feeling of their own radiance around with them forever after their photoshoot -- that truly is magical. Most of us see ourselves through so many layers of self criticism that we don’t see ourselves how the rest of the world sees us. It is crazy to me that on session after session I am able to show my clients how beautiful they are through my eyes and the impartial lens of a portrait. It is my reason for doing this work. It is my highest value. It is my WHY.

Anyway… on to THIS session!


Mia’s high school senior portrait session was one of those that made me feel like I was flying for days, and fits right in this category of empowering, confidence building and fun. And HELLO?! She is a-dor-able!! Her amazing personal style is inspired by a “retro” look, and honestly, we all just about fell over when we saw her in her first look -- her radiant smile and her styling choices -- on this couch. Totally “Mad Men” (which made my makeup artist happy, still feeling sadness at the end of the show!). I love love love this look, and it was beyond satisfying to watch Mia relax into her portrait session and rock her different looks with confidence and grace. Just beautiful.

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Timeless Elegance | High School Senior Pictures at Union Station, Denver

Sometimes a photo session literally takes my breath away; this amazing high school senior portrait session at Union Station in Denver was one of those experiences!

High School Senior Pictures at Union Station Denver

Maitland is a brilliant, grounded and young woman with a great sense of humor. She may not immediately draw a ton of attention to herself, but spend just a bit of time with her and you quickly discover that beneath a quiet front, she’s got a quick wit and delightful personality. Oh, and did I mention that she just so happens to have an inner 1920’s glamor model that came out to absolutely STUN me with her classic beauty on this senior session? Seriously, I was rendered speechless -- frame after frame -- by her beautiful expression.

My makeup artist, Ashleigh Franke, worked her subtle but masterful artistry, highlighting Maitland’s features in a natural way to make her feel amazing (this is such a fun part of the process to watch). And then we headed out for our photo session in and around Union Station. I honestly had a hard time shooting, because every time I framed up a composition, her expression, grace and confident elegance took my breath away.

The space and light in and around the historic (and recently beautifully remodeled) train station and urban fabric provided the perfect vintage backdrop to complement Maitland’s timeless look..

And I absolutely ADORE this set of photographs... I hope you do, too!

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High School Senior Pictures at Industrial Studio in Denver

What can I tell you about photographing this amazing young woman that you won’t see for yourself in the photos from this session? Maybe just how much I ADORE this talented, kind, brilliant and beautiful human!! I could hang out with and photograph Maddie's positive energy, bubbly personality and gorgeous humanity all day long (and nearly did!)

maddie senior pictures traintracks denver

Maddie and I (and her awesome mom, and my son who is becoming such a fantastic assistant on these portrait shoots!) all had a blast photographing her senior portrait session on location in my vintage industrial studio. This unique (and REALLY fun for seniors) studio is located in a factory/industrial complex just south of downtown Denver.

One of the things that makes this studio so interesting is that it's actually a working factory during the week, so there are always new piles of photographically interesting materials to explore as backdrops. And that doesn’t even count the changing natural light pouring in through old windows and vintage glass at different times of day and year. I get so excited walking around with my clients -- the variety allows me to create photos which remain as unique as the person I’m photographing.

I’m telling you, I’m the luckiest girl in the world -- both to get to know amazing people like this AND to get to make them feel this way during their photo sessions! It's an understatement to say that I adore my high school senior clients -- I always end the session feeling like I have a new friend -- someone I wish wonderful things for in their future!

DREAM BIG, beautiful girl... I am so happy to know you and I can't wait to see where you go with your life!!

I’m SO EXCITED to be booking Class of 2016 senior portrait sessions in Denver already! If you or your soon-to-be high school senior kiddo would like to discuss pictures, please drop me a line!

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